Square space

In April 2003, Anthony Casalene, a student in the University of Maryland founded Squarepace CMS which was mainly purposed for blog hosting. The CMS employed pre-built, 22 families of classy, slicked and payable templates which a user can tweak and add sidebars to. However, the degree of customization of the templates depends on their flexibility and ability to support sidebars.
Unlike WordPress, Squarepace doesn’t offer free plans.
The plans come in three categories, charged on a monthly and annual basis and they include;

  1. Personal plan Priced at 16$ and 12$ for monthly and annual packages respectively.
  2. Business plan priced at 26$ and 18$ for monthly and annual packages respectively.
  3. Advanced plan priced at 30$ and 26$ for Monthly and annual packages respectively.

In 2016 Squarespace had hosted more than one million websites and had 674 employees at large this was attributed to the factor of integration of commerce features in 2014 latest version.

However keen interest should be taken while choosing an appropriate plan for individual basic or commercial use as there are several features that are not supported by the personal plan.

These include; scripting in CSS and Java for webpage customization, mail optimization to mail chimp, e-commerce, the addition of announcing bar and use of promotional pop-ups. All the above features are however supported by the higher plans and therefore to enjoy quality features, users are forced to adore higher plans hence raising the expensiveness of the CMS further.

Recent versions of Squarespace includes Squarespace 5, 6 and 7.

Square space 7 had a completely different interface as compared to squarespace 5 hence users of the previous version had to import blogs, comments, galleries, and pages to the new version. However, resources such as podcast audios, mark down texts, sidebar, head, r, and footers could not be imported since Squarespace lacks a method standardized for data exportation.

Squarespace in regards isn’t downloadable.
It’s also of worth noting that Squarespace 5 used mode style equivalent to site style in Squarespace 7. The new style only shows tweaks specific to the o viewed page.
Squarespace’s amazing features make it the immediate rival to WordPress in blog hosting.